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Icom is a leading independent provider of converged solutions to the public sector. Pillory Barn was brought in to produce a creative advertising campaign for Icom’s offering of Government Procurement Service’s Public Services Network (PSN). Only 27 companies are eligible to offer PSN, with Icom offering alongside BT and Virgin, so it was their opportunity to invest in a creative campaign to tell the world what differs about their service.

As Icom’s service rivals the big players in the telecommunications sector, our designers conceived the strap line “Small is the new big” to outline their USP of a personal service from a small team.

We then produced a series of campaigns that used minature character interacting with giant equipment used in the key areas for PSN structure. This was our vehicle for visualising key areas in the sector. The giant equipment represents the enormous size of the industry and its market.

We conceived and directed the photo shoot and our young designer Jon even had his first modeling experience! Our lead creative then photoshopped and artworked the campaign, which is now featured on their website and in various print publications.

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