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Golding Homes - Welfare ReformGolding Homes - Welfare ReformGolding Homes - Welfare Reform

Golding Homes - Welfare Reform

Leaflets, Booklets, Adverts & Pull Ups

Golding Homes is Maidstone’s largest social landlord who provides affordable housing to communities in the South East.

With recent government changes – The Welfare Reform - set to affect their tenants, Golding Homes decided to invest in creative design as part of their strategy to communicate their very important message.

Pillory Barn produced a series of online and offline adverts, booklets, leaflets, posters and pull ups to communicate the announcement that the benefit system was due to make some big changes and to encourage their tenants to start making preparations.

This message was executed through a series of illustrations of a rhinoceros and ostrich - symbolising the changes made going forward and encouraging tenants not to be ill informed and stick their head in the sand.

Adverts were featured in the Kent Messenger and on Golding Homes’ website. We also produced an A5 information booklet, which featured the artwork and educational copy for tenants, as well as a radio advert directing tenants to read up about the changes on the Golding Homes website.

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