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Raffingers Stuart


Raffingers Stuart, who is featured in the top 100 Accountancy Firms, is an Essex-based firm who works in the retail, manufacturing, technology and legal sectors.

Both Pillory Barn and Raffingers Stuart agreed that Raffingers’ quarterly newsletter needed a redesign to bring it up-to-date. Pillory Barn wanted to design something striking and slick that connoted the same professionalism as the Raffingers Stuart team.

We transformed their dated newsletter into an 8-page square book. Not only did this design choice communicate a certain prestige, but it also gave their customers something they would want to keep.

The 8-page newsletter featured case-studies, product showcases, client stories, NIBs and tax articles. It also featured events, fundraising updates, an employee spotlight and blog posts taken from the Raffingers’ website. By pulling the three colours from the Raffingers’ logo, our designers used them as blocks to present the content in bite-size chunks.

Our creatives set articles against photographs of the team to inject some of Raffingers Stuart’s personality into publication. We also designed stylised graphics that gave the newsletter a slick and professional finish.

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