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Spirit Circuits NewsletterSpirit Circuits NewsletterSpirit Circuits NewsletterSpirit Circuits Newsletter

Spirit Circuits Newsletter

Design & Copywriting

Spirit Circuits is an innovative PCB manufacture based in Waterlooville. Spirit’s strapline, “service beyond expectation” epitomises their dedication to exceptional customer service. Part of their dedication to customer service includes sending out regular newsletters to keep them up to date with Spirit and their industry.

Pillory Barn writes the copy, design and mail out the newsletters. We interview employees to get insider stories and we also conduct thorough research to write industry reports. The in-depth newsletters range from anything from 8-16 pages. Articles include product showcases, events, employee spotlights, industry analysis, new technology, customers’ stories and more.

The design is vibrant, fun and fresh and uses graphic icons, striking imagery and coloured text boxes. Once completed we create a page-turning e-version of the newsletter which is emailed out to customers and hosted on Spirit’s website.

Click here to read an E-edition of the newsletter.

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