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Website Design & Development

Ashford Borough Council were looking to launch an inward-investment marketing campaign and devise a strategy to attract business leaders to Ashford. We set out to design and develop a responsive website for the AshfordFor Campaign. As it’s the ‘go to’ resource for the initiative, it needed to host a mix of content about the economy, location, connectivity and growth ambitions of Ashford as a business destination, plus a focus on Ashford’s most success businesses.

We designed and developed the new site to host case studies, videos, infographics, news, social media streams and a digital brochure. The site was an extension of a national creative campaign. All the imagery and video content was art directed, captured and edited by us. We also populated the website with written content, which included interviewing 12 Ashford business and retelling their stories.

Monitoring and analysing the web traffic has revealed a good percentage of visitors going on to and staying on the site. A significant number of leads and enquiries have been directly generated via the new website.

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