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Icom is a leading independent provider of converged solutions to the public sector. Pillory Barn was brought in to design, develop and build a dedicated website for Icom’s offering of Government Procurement Service’s Public Services Network (PSN).

We invested time in researching what the competition were doing and found that most companies did not have a dedicated site for this service. Building a dedicated site for the service allowed Icom to stand out and present helpful information, case studies and news to their audience, all wrapped up in one site.

We also wanted to produce something that was different from a typical technology product website; which are often very basic in structure and text-heavy.

Our designer produced a website that was user-friendly, easy to navigate with a clean and vibrant look and feel. Imagery played a large part in the overall design and the site features our creative campaigns on each page.

Icom were delighted with their new site and our designers succeeded in breaking the mould of a technology website.

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