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Raffingers Stuart

Website Design & Development

Raffingers Stuart is a top 100 accountancy firm, based in Essex. Pillory Barn looks after Raffingers Stuart on a retainer basis – which sees us meet a number of marketing objectives for them each month.

As part of their marketing strategy we decided to deliver a website refresh. Raffingers Stuart were unhappy with the functionality of their current website and agreed that the appearance of the website needed attention to.

When creating a site-map we made sure to improve the sites’ navigation. We did this by dividing the site into clear areas that each host relevant pages. This not only improved the user journey but also cleaned up the appearance of the site.

Visually, we took the four colours of Raffingers Stuart’s logo and used them to pick out different areas, buttons and links site-wide.

As a thought-leader in their field, it’s important that the firm is visible making industry comment and sharing their opinions and news. This is why we positioned the news and blogs section of the site on the homepage as well as tool bar across the top.

The site features a JQuery of the firm’s testimonials on the homepage and striking imagery throughout. Additional features include social media buttons, personal profiles that link to their blogs, online application forms and page-turning newsletters that are hosted on the website.

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