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Skanska RM - Education GardenSkanska RM - Education GardenSkanska RM - Education Garden

Skanska RM - Education Garden

Exhibition and Event

During 2011 we were contracted by Skanska RM, one of the world largest construction companies, to engage and support a community relationship programme in Kent.

As part of our work we provided opportunities for the general public to better understand Skanska RM and the work it carries out in the county. An opportunity presented itself in the form of the annual county show.

The Skanska education team wanted to educate the Kent public about the innovative and interactive schools that they were bidding to build in Kent. Skanska has an enviable reputation for designing and building schools.

Working closely with Twig Landscapes and Pillory Barn, Skanska agreed to build an education garden. The garden, built by Twig, contained a hand-made pottery kiln, a story corner, an oversized outdoor chalkboard and an interactive design area, which allowed children and adults alike to design the school of their dreams.

Across the day we employed a range of artists to help us engage with the general public, encouraging them to tell us about their experience of education and schools generally. One of our artists actually documents the day in illustrations, providing Skanska with a unique legacy artwork to record the day.

The pivotal point of the event presented itself in the form of winning a gold award for the stand.

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