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Genea UK LaunchGenea UK LaunchGenea UK LaunchGenea UK Launch

Genea UK Launch

Genea’s IVF technologies company Genea Biomedx and stem cell company Genea Biocells recently set up and opened their European headquarters and facilities to manufacture culture medium at Discovery Park, Sandwich, in order to access the growing European IVF and life sciences market.

Pillory Barn was approached by Genea to manage and produce their launch event, working closely with the group’s communications and events team in Australia. Whilst the Genea team is highly experienced in event management, they wanted to tap into the relationships and ‘address book’ of a regional agency, in order to ensure that the celebration included all of the people who should be aware of their UK presence.

We also procured local catering, event support materials and audio/visual services; an important criteria for the Genea team. The facility was officially opened by Laura Sandys, MP and Mark Dance, KCC, meaning that we were able to secure TV coverage from the team at ITV Meridian, gaining valuable, additional coverage for Genea in the UK.

Our objective to gain maximum attendance and awareness for the launch were achieved and Genea’s Commercial Director,Kim Gilliam said;

‘I want to thank you for your efforts in making our opening a great success. The day went seamlessly and the positive feedback we received confirms that. We look forward to working with you on our next event.’

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