Do you want to make your mark on the world, or maybe just your town or county? Our in-house design team can help you stand out with a fresh and unique identity. Your brand is more than just a logo (but we do those too), it’s your personality, your story and the impression you give.

Pillory Barn’s talented design team have a track record in creating brands that not only look stunning but tell the right story and appeal to the right audiences – reflecting vision and identity. 

When building brands they need to be consistent across all online and offline platforms. Team PB have years of experience creating brand guidelines to help companies and organisations apply their brand effectively and accurately, they are the backbone which ensures brand longevity.  

Graphic Design

The art of solving communication problems through visual design – typography, layout and illustration is a honed skill and our team have (almost) perfected it – there’s always room for new ideas. Compelling design is a key part of what we do and our designers will help you to tell your story, sell your service or promote your products through creative and engaging design.

Whatever you need, from general design for printed collateral to creating a high-end brochures and exhibition stands, our graphic design team can give you that added PB sparkle and get you noticed in an ever-crowded world.

Pillory Barn Web Design Services

Digital Design

The digital sphere is crammed full of content and information! Getting noticed, or even found for that matter, can be challenging. Whether it’s with an innovative website or easy-to-digest infographics, our design team can deliver creative digital designs that get people noticing you and engaging with your service or business.

Eye-catching graphics are a fantastic way of seizing your target audiences’ attention on social media, or getting your key USPs across in a visual and engaging way. Developing digital skills constantly ensures everything we produce is optimised for the platform it is being viewed on and is displayed at the highest quality standards possible.


Pillory Barn is home to a couple of skilled illustrators, who are always eager to tackle a new and exciting  illustration project – any excuse to get out the pens and pencils.

Illustration style will depend on your style and the brief and the drawings and graphics created aim to enhance and work alongside your existing brand materials and can add another dimension to your communications.

From modern vector illustration to stylised sketches and bespoke iconography, illustrated visuals on your website, social media channels and marketing materials help to raise your identity.

Creative campaigns

A well executed campaign can really make a difference. Something unique, powerful, poetic or just clever or even funny can raise your profile a huge amount. With experience in creating successful campaigns, Pillory Barn have helped our clients for years in raising their profiles and promoting their businesses.

From college & hospital recruitment campaigns, to smart lighting and inward investment, we come up with the ideas and have the skill and experience in our team to execute and deliver them with proven results.