Meet the Team

Here’s your chance to get to know Team PB a bit better…

Kelly Castle

Kelly Castle Senior Designer

Experienced graphic designer Kelly has worked for creative agencies in London and Kent with her skills focusing on digital design and user experience.

Whether it’s Park Run at the weekend or a gentle jog with her Labradors, Kelly’s running shoes get a lot of use.

She loves Kent, especially Margate and is often making us envious of days out with her arty Instagram pics.

She knows her music and is the one to speak to for tips when planning a trip to Ibiza!

  • Creative
  • Print Design
  • Web Design
  • Project Management
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • Running
  • Tea Making
  • Ibiza Tips
  • Instagram Enthusiast
Miranda Chapman

Miranda Chapman Managing Director

The small boss!

Miranda is a traditional marketing addict who thrives working in the digital space.

A lover of strategy, tech and all things Kent, she is (truly) happiest when she is helping businesses drive their marcomms successfully to their bottom line.

When she’s not working Miranda spends most of her time with her family delving into the Kent’s coastline and countryside.

  • Strategy
  • Digital
  • PR
  • Coffee drinker
  • Marketing
  • Public speaking
  • Consultancy
  • Creative thinker
Rebecca Daniels

Rebecca Daniels Account Executive

Rebecca joined Pillory Barn in January 2017.

With a background in PR, she is a dedicated language lover and creative thinker; content writer, proof reader and idea brain-stormer.

Out of the office, she continues to read and write. Other interests include walking (usually to a country pub), photography, visiting the coastline, and travelling (both far and wide – from exploring hidden Kent corners to visiting far-flung countries).

  • PR
  • Creative Writing
  • Pizza Lover
  • Photography
  • Bookworm
  • Marketing
  • Frequent Flyer
  • City Explorer
  • Dog Obsessed
  • Brain Stormer
  • Social Media
Jodi Eeles

Jodi Eeles Account Director

Jodi is an old-timer where agencies go and is in her 12th year working with Roger and Miranda!

When she’s not heads down on integrated campaigns for her clients she can be found tramping around Kent with her faithful sprocker spaniel and two children as she loves the county.

She’s a bit of a lit-chick in her spare time with a love for creative writing and literature – which lends itself to the odd strapline or two for the agency!

  • Reading
  • Creative Writing
  • PR
  • Socialising
  • Running
  • Kent Tour Guide
  • Marketing
  • CIPR Member
  • Espresso Addict
Mark Ferguson

Mark Ferguson Developer

Mark is the newest addition to Pillory Barn. Having joined in August 2017. With a decade of experience in web development, he brings a wealth of knowledge to our award-winning team of developers.

From WordPress development to providing SEO insights, Mark make sure that the clients best interests are at heart.

As an avid West Ham fan, he adds to the already eclectic mix of football team supporters in the office so there’s sure to be a few debates or two! We’ve also found out that he has a one-year-old daughter who likes to keep him on his toes so we know he’ll fit in here nicely!

  • Wordpress
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • SEO
  • HTML
Roger Hills

Roger Hills Chief Executive

The big boss. Roger has too many years experience, and counting!

The founder of PB over two decades ago, he’s a large part of the work we do with our clients’- they all benefit from his down to earth, practical approach to all things creative.

When not in the office he can be found on the golf course or enjoying football, watching Maidstone United (or Chelsea!)

  • Design
  • Project management
  • Creative thinking
  • Event management
  • Coffee drinking
  • Event management
  • Golf
Andy Holmes

Andy Holmes Senior Developer

Andy started web design and development at the age of 11 using an online system called Homestead on super slow 56k internet speeds.

Nowadays he works to a bit of a quicker speed and is PB’s Senior Developer.

He’s also 42 % fluent in Spanish according to DuoLingo… so loves travelling.

One of PB’s football sufferers, and has followed Gillingham FC And Arsenal fan since he was five years old.

In his spare time he’s built an online gecko genetics calculator for gecko breeders worldwide for fun and is currently working on creating games, with two on the side at the minute.

  • Drumming
  • Vue & jQuery
  • Photography
  • Laravel 5
  • Gaming
  • Coding
  • Expression Engine
Diane Mapes

Diane Mapes Company Administrator

Diane’s spent three years at PB in the role of Company Administrator.

She’s always busy in the office creating job quotes and invoices, keeping budget sheets and occasionally organising social nights out!

Working part time hours to that she can balance career with being a mum, she spends her spare time in the cinema, theatre, being with her boys and Elvis, who ain’t nothing but her hound dog.

  • Social Events Organiser
  • Admin
  • Financial Control
  • Loud Laughing
  • Fluorescent Clothing
  • Office Mum

Clare Mugridge Mid-weight Designer

Creative graphic designer Clare studied at Falmouth university where her love for design really blossomed. Working in both London and the South East for agencies and non-profit organisations, Clare always brings her design creativity and artistic flair to her work. Clare enjoys yoga, keeping fit and has a passion for button art in her spare time. To relax, she loves a walk along the beach with family and friends and enjoys baking and creating in the kitchen.

Julie O'Connor

Julie O'Connor Director

A strategic planner and queen of negotiation, Julie has worked in the marketing and media sector for a decade.

Managing corporate and commercial accounts for numerous global businesses, Julie works across Pillory Barn’s entire client portfolio.

With bags of energy and an eye for detail she’s behind numerous high profile business events in Kent.

Brightening our days with her singing, Julie likes to cook tasty feasts for her family and is currently busy picking modern country interiors for her new home!

  • Event Management
  • Detail
  • Negotiation
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Communications
  • Prosecco Enthusiast
  • Decorating Addict

Coralie Pilté Digital Services Exec.

Working as a content and social media executive for 4 years, Coralie has developed her digital expertise as a freelancer before joining Team PB in 2018. She has a passion for compelling video and social content. Outside of the office, she loves exploring the Kent countryside and experimenting with new recipes, when she’s not listening to music or meditating on her yoga mat.

  • Digital marketing
  • Social Media
  • Storyteller
  • French
  • Video
  • Traveller
  • Yogi
  • Music Enthusiast
  • PR
  • Tea Drinker
Kareena Ross-Cummings

Kareena Ross-Cumming Senior Designer

Kareena joined us at the start of 2017.

Holding over 10 years combined marketing and creative experience her strengths lie within brand identity and communications.

She’s a creative thinker with the design skills to match and is a wiz at vector artwork. Kareena is at her happiest spending time with her lovely kids.

Often found down the gym, she likes to relax in front of a good film, opting for sci-fi epics and classic romcoms.

She’s also no stranger to a Snapchat filter – at the moment it’s all about Orchid!

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Print
  • Illustrator
  • Marketing
  • Brand
  • Gym Goer
  • Film Buff
  • Creative Thinker
  • Brain Stormer
Mike Smith

Mike Smith Studio Lead

Mike has been with PB since January 2016, working as a senior designer across our full portfolio of clients. With 17 years’ experience in Multimedia, Advertising, Marketing and Graphic Design both digital and print, Mike’s strengths lie in UX Design, Digital Media and Branding.

When not working, Mike spends most of his time at home and out with his family. In his spare time he enjoys video editing, watching films and his annual mountain climbing trips to Wales, most recently scaling Mt. Tryfan.

  • Creative
  • Print Design
  • Web Design
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • Illustrator
  • Branding
  • Coffee drinker
  • Doodler

Zoe Springett PR Account Manager

Zoe has been part of team PB since 2014. With almost 20 years of sector experience, she is valued by us and our clients for her strategic eye and marketing-led brain. She adds insight gained from in-house roles at Kent County Council and Orbit housing association, as well as having worked for some of the region’s best agencies. She may be an old timer (sorry Zoe!) but she embraces all things digital, especially social media. She’s a busy lady outside work too, balancing family life with doing up her new house and planning her wedding! Any spare time is spent with her nose in a good book, catching up on TV dramas or going for a walk or run.

  • PR
  • Marketing
  • Reading
  • Copywriter
  • Mum
  • Latte lover
  • Wedding planner
  • Social media junkie
Rachael Webb

Rachael Webb PR & Content Executive

Rachael is our resident copywriter, digital content marketer and social media guru.

With studies in both Communications and Media and the Art of English, she pairs wordsmithery with strategy, injecting creative writing and wordplay into communications campaigns.

Creativity continues outside of work for Rachael too, who loves photography, drawing and painting.

She’s also a practiced yogi and is a regular on retreats and meditation courses!

  • Digital Marketing
  • PR
  • Pop-Punk Lover
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media
  • Yogi
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Dog Walking
  • Experimental Tea Drinker

Laura Welfare Account Manager

Laura has worked in agencies in Kent her whole career and has a real passion for what the county has to offer. Her creative strategic thinking and ability put herself into the shoes of her audience mean that she can really get under the skin of a business and offer them solutions that really hit the spot.

In her spare time you can usually find Laura outside, at the coast, in the countryside, in the mountains, on a bike, walking on a pair of skis (or falling off pair of skis). When she’s not outside you are most likely to find her cooking up a 20 minute special, watching a film, doing a bit of DIY or studying for her Counselling Skills qualification.

  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Marketer
  • Chef
  • Labourer
  • Action Girl
  • Aunt
  • Foodie
  • Kent Advocate
Lee Winter

Lee Winter Content Lead

Former Editor, Lee has a sharp eye for content with a wealth of experience and well respect in the industry.

He brings with him impressive writing skills and a lot of communications and marketing expertise.

Our Welsh-Wordsmith, when not at work he’s often found exploring the county with his wife and Piper, the (occasional) office-dog.

  • PR
  • Copywriting
  • Proof Reading
  • Dog Walking
  • Travelling
  • Wordsmithery
  • Communications
  • Running
  • Non-sensical Musings
  • Digital Marketing