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Laura’s take on #AdEnough

Welcome to the all-new PB blog, where our team will be sharing things they love or have spotted that you should be seeing too – from examples of good (or bad) practice to the latest trends in PR, marketing and design. First up is Jamie Oliver’s latest effort to get people junking the junk food, which caught the eye of account manager Laura Welfare.



“As a passionate marketer I like the challenge of ‘hitting the nail on the head’, getting the right product/service in front of the right audience. That is why the #AdEnough campaign Jamie Oliver launched this week has caught my attention.

In order to get the government to bring in restrictions on when junk food ads are shown, ideally post watershed, Jamie Oliver created #AdEnough. His campaign is absolutely reaching out to the right people – the public and fellow celebs, in the right places – social networks. It is clever, low cost and completely making use of the power of word of mouth, or picture in this case.

He is asking, ‘if you agree, take a picture of you/your children/everyone covering their eyes.’ Simple! Over the past few days I have seen so many celebs get on board alongside members of the public. Recognisable faces such as Orlando Bloom, Davina McCall, Richard Branson, Claudia Schiffer, Tom and Giovanna Fletcher.

Now, he basically wants kids to stop being the target of this marketing and this is where I find myself feeling like I should, as a person who enjoys her career in marketing, be outraged about more barriers making our jobs harder. Instead, I’m gobsmacked that a campaign like this is required and needs to be started by a celeb to protect kids from messages which can contribute to unhealthy behaviours. As marketers, we all need to take responsibility for what we are doing and think about the bigger picture not the quick win.”

Have a view? Get in touch via our contact page or our Twitter feed, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the #AdEnough campaign as well!

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