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5 things to remember from BrightonSEO

BrightonSEO, BrightonSEO 2018
We sent Lee and Coralie to the seaside last week to attend the BrightonSEO conference

We sent Lee and Coralie to the seaside last week to attend the BrightonSEO conference. One of the UK’s biggest SEO events, they got the chance to hear brilliant talks from Link-building guru Laura Hogan, Local SEO extraordinaire Greg Gifford and content mastermind Eleni Cashell. Here’s our Top 5 Tips and Tricks from the event to start improving your own SEO.


  • Use content wisely

Content plays a huge part in your SEO rankings, but you have to be smart about it. Whilst long-form content is what might work best with bots, you have to think about your audience. If you’re running a fitness blog, does your audience want to read about the exercises or see videos with a small caption underneath? If you’re an accountant firm using your blog to provide some advice on tricky subjects like tax return, your audience will probably be more inclined to read a long, structured article rather than see funny images and GIFs. It’s all about you finding out what will speak to your audience more! So, get hunting and find out what content they’d engage with most. Make you sure you still use written content, but in a shorter form if need be, to include a couple of your keywords of choice.


  • Unique Content is King

Now, written content is essential for SEO, but not just any kind of content – UNIQUE content. SEO Bots hate duplicate content, whether it’s on your website or on different domains. So, you have to hunt down these dupes because they’ll get your pages drowned in the never-ending depths of Google Results, and no one wants that now? So, make sure you create unique, engaging content for your audience. It’s the best way to make sure your pages will rank higher. Last piece of advice, be patient with this strategy – SEO is a long game, whilst quick wins are a good way to get started, a Unique Content strategy will take some time to show results, but it will be a worthwhile one.

  • Don’t be afraid of the competition

Running a PPC Campaign? Bid on your competitor’s brand name and keywords but be smart about it! Find a funny twist on the ad. After all, people can’t pick you as a solution if you don’t know you’re an option! So, get creative, what are your USPs and start bidding on your competitors Brand name. But don’t make it all about being cheaper, find another angle, because someone might come around later being even cheaper than you, and here goes your argument!

BrightonSEO, Samsung Brand PPC, Competition Samsung nailing the Brand PPC Game!
  • Be smart about link-building

Link building can be seen as the dark side of SEO, something quite mystical, that not many people have mastered. After all, how do you get people to post links about you on their website without appearing pushy? Guest posting was all the rage a few years ago, but now, not so much. It’s time consuming and you probably won’t ever get a reply. So be smart, start thinking outside the box. Targeting local SEO only? Hunt down local charities and local sponsorship opportunities to get valuable links in your area. Thinking on a bigger scale? Start setting up alerts for your brand and every time you are mentioned somewhere online, make sure there’s a link attached. Otherwise, drop them a quick email asking to add the link. This is just one of the ways of increasing your links simply, and without spending a dime!


  • Learn to determine your audience’s intent

How do you find the right long-tail keywords for your audience? Start thinking in terms of intent, why would people visit your website? Is it to gather information, compare prices, buy something? Once you’ve determined the intent, you can start targeting the right long tail keywords. For example, if you’re running an informational website about SEO, you might want to start targeting keywords like “What is SEO?” “How to create an SEO strategy?”, but if you run an e-commerce website, you might need to target “transactional keywords” like “buy running shoes” or “cheap running shoes”. And with the intent keywords come the intent content. You’ll be able to create unique content matching your keywords and your audience’s intent, an all-rounder strategy that will pay off with high rankings on SERPs!


Now, if you still think SEO is jibber-jabber and need some help with your website rankings, get in touch today! Our digital gurus will have the answers to your questions!

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