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We have held the inward investment marketing contract for Ashford Borough Council since June 2014. We have created the multi-channel strategy to encourage businesses from Kent, London and northern France to relocate to Ashford. Our campaign is based on the concept of ‘Ashford Storytellers’.

Potential investors educated and informed by real Ashford businesses and stakeholders, about why they should move to Kent’s international town. The campaign is now known as ‘AshfordFor‘.

The creative campaign is based upon photographic case studies of 16 selected Ashford businesses and stakeholders, ranging from a Managing Director in a foundry setting to a leading drinks company owner situated on their groundbreaking new town centre brewery. Interviews with each storyteller created personal case studies, which are used across all marketing channels.

The website is fully-responsive and content rich, providing a repository of information to educate and inform business leaders who are considering relocating to Ashford. The campaign is based upon the core messages of Success, Innovation, Location and Living,

In October 2017 we took the campaign to a London based audience of 100 potential investors, developers and stakeholders at the stunning German Gymnasium, to showcase the opportunities Ashford has to offer. This is an award-winning partnership which puts a vibrant, forward thinking part of the county on the map.

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Opening Times: 9am - 5pm Monday to Thursday | 8am - 4pm Friday

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