Discovery Park

Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent, is one of East Kent’s biggest employment sites, providing 3,000+ jobs in a range of sectors, with a focus on science and technology.

There are a lot of amazing things going on there and we’re proud to be their PR (and marketing) trumpeters-in-chief.

The great thing about being a full-service agency is that for most (if not, all) things, we can wear our ‘Yes, We Can’ vests with pride. That’s certainly true for Discovery Park, where our whole team – from designers and coders to marketeers and content gurus – are on call to help.

In 2017, we’ve been supporting the management team in creating and launching a new fully responsive website plus a major PR push for a multi-million-pound investment in laboratory and office space.

Add in posters and publicity for events, brochures, tenant arrivals, expansions and social media updates, this account certainly keeps us busy. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Result? An account that allows us to show off Pillory Barn’s best ingredients – from a full pint of multi-disciplined skills – all provided by our talented team, sprinkled with a smorgasbord of creative ideas and innovation.