PB Lite

Every business needs a website today, but getting a good website that works well on a mobile or PC can be daunting.  With PB Lite, we’ve come up with a solution that delivers you a great platform – at an affordable cost.

Our vision for this product has been to create websites with high functionality and customisability that from a cost perspective are within the reach of smaller businesses.

PB Lite

As the team like to describe it – heavyweight design at a lightweight cost – increasing the accessibility of great developers to businesses that can’t usually afford them.

PB Lite is able to continuously save time and money for clients by customising base code to offer personalised and unique websites that can be created in a fraction of the time. In light of this, the packages are great value for money and deliver a high quality end product.

The PB Lite team has already created a number of successful websites, with many more on the horizon, but one of the first was for Maria Bradford Kitchen, the African Fine Dining Company.

Maria approached the team wanting a website that was great to look at, could sell her sauces and drinks, and showcased stunning imagery of her food. The final website met all of these requirements in the form of a stylish monochrome colour palette, a PayPal widget to allow customers to purchase her products and Instagram integration. The feedback from Maria was that it was a really good-looking site that was running fast, user-friendly and easy to update.

PB Lite - Maria Bradford Kitchen



The team has also created some great websites for The Mason Mile, Eeles Plastering and Manchett Facilities Management, with websites for Optimus Facilities Management and Fish Forensics launching very soon.

Looking ahead, PB Lite is hoping to work with more and more businesses to build their websites and transform their online presence. The team of developers are also constantly adding functionality to the packages to ensure they are always adapting to their clients’ needs.

Get in touch to find out how PB Lite can help support your business here.