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Content Marketing Trick or Treat?!

Happy Halloween marketers!

To help you avoid the tricks this Halloween we’ve debunked some common content marketing myths – and thrown in some treats for you too.

Because there’s nothing scarier than bad marketing advice…

Trick or Treat

1. There’s no such thing as too many keywords

TRICK: When it comes to keyword optimisation, it’s best not to over do it. If you’re over-optimising your website, it can work against you as Google will soon crack down and penalise you for this.

2. Social media is about quality, not quantity

TREAT: The success of your social following isn’t a numbers game. What’s important is that you have followers that engage, share and respond to your content. Don’t measure success by followers and fans, but by reach, impressions and engagements – it’s a much more accurate marker of good content and strong leads.

3. B2B marketing must be ‘corporate’ and serious

TRICK: Readers, whether from an B2B sector or not, respond to friendly, inclusive content. Content marketing has brought with it a shift to the relaxed tone of voice and a focus on authenticity – speak to your audience in an honest way and keep things interesting, fun and fresh.

4. The more email marketing you do, the better

TRICK: If you’ve not got something to say, then there’s no need to say it. Sending eDMs isn’t a probability game and sending too many could end up alienating your existing contacts. Instead think about what is of value to your database, create bespoke content for different segments and be creative with your content.

5. Use ‘paid for’ content strategically

TREAT: It’s tempting to see paid for social media content and a quick and easy route to social success, however if it’s not approached strategically, you could just be wasting money and resource. Paid for social is great when you set a clear objective, create bespoke content to promote and analyse results to inform future campaigns.

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