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An insight into Mark’s first three months at PB

Digital whizz and PB newbie Mark reveals his first impressions of life at Pillory Barn.

First days are always interesting! I’ve heard stories of people having to stand in front of their new colleagues to introduce themselves and what they do – a somewhat daunting prospect.

I also know of a case where no-one actually realised the person sat in the office all day was in fact a new colleague – hardly a warm welcome!!

Thankfully, my first day was far from either of these!

After the usual introductions and settling in we got straight to the task of looking at how my expertise could contribute to our current projects.

It didn’t take long to realise that while I have been used to making sure client’s websites are clean and precise, Pillory Barn takes this to a whole new level.

My new developer colleagues Andy and Pete introduced me to making websites that use version control.

Pillory Barn's Mark with Mister Maker
Mark meeting his idol, Mister Maker

My former method of web development was being solely responsible from start to finish so this was something completely new!

Using Git to hold a backup of the code and learning how to manage this from Pillory Barn’s own server was a new skill, but makes complete sense to ensure that code is never lost, and allows sites to be developed by several people at the same time without the fear of overwriting someone else’s hard work.

A couple months in, we organised the Medway B2B event at the Historic Dockyard in Chatham for Kent Invicta Chamber.

Being all hands to the pump, I wanted to help our event manager extraordinaire Julie, as much as possible. I was delighted to be able to help on our stand at the event. Being a coder, there’s not many opportunities to be out of the office so this was something that I wasn’t going to turn down!

I met many like-minded businesses and told them how, in the last few months, I had genuinely been blown away at how Pillory Barn works and the quality and level of detail that is put in to each client’s job.

Not only is it paramount that the quality of work Pillory Barn gives to its clients is as high as it can be, they always push the creative boundaries for their clients further and further.

While this has been the mantra of many marketing agencies I’ve dealt with, I’ve not come across one who follows this through to the end.

Working on the development of PB Lite, it became clear to me that the client is always put first by offering a quality tailored product, whilst making sure that the cost is affordable.

Three months have now passed and it is truly exciting to work with such a dedicated team of people that are as passionate about the same things that I am.

In such a short amount of time, it’s safe to say that whilst the learning curve has been steep, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Pillory Barn's Mark at the Medway B2B Event

I’m passionate about everything I create and always want to strive to make new and creative websites that can evolve to fit a client’s needs.

I can’t wait to see what the next three months have in store!

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