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Let’s talk community engagement

Everyone who lives, works and visits a place is affected by the planning system.

Many people want to engage with their surroundings, their neighbours and be a supporting part of their local community. That includes knowing and having a say in what’s coming up.

Integrating communities in the planning process so they can help shape their cities, towns and villages, creates places that are loved and lived in, and reflects the needs and aspirations of the community.

End-to-end community engagement services

At Pillory Barn we deliver large and small-scale engagement projects across the UK, with the expertise and technology in place to drive your project forward. 

We can provide end-to-end engagement – from strategy through to delivery and reporting and tailored to specific elements of your engagement journey.

Already supporting

Some of our clients who are already working with us.

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Communicating your message

We employ a broad range of engagement methods to raise awareness and increase understanding of your proposals, promote engagement and consultation events in advance of and during the formal consultation period whilst maintaining a consistent narrative about your project and your wider business.

  • Strategic planning
  • PR, advertising, and content services
  • Digital services and social media
  • Engagement events and activities
  • Digital engagement platform
  • Event management
  • Account management
  • Design and print
  • Advertising

All good consultation starts and ends with listening

A short guide to our proven approach:

Step 1

We take the time to understand your proposals.

Step 2

Defining strategic objectives and key messaging in a comprehensive community engagement strategy.

Step 3

Our end-to-end community engagement service includes full event management, if required, or we can support your own team.

Step 4

Developing content and assets.

Step 5

Our digital engagement platform – a central engaging platform to provide constructive feedback on your plans.

Step 6

Initial briefing sessions while remaining flexible to seize opportunities and tackle challenges.

Step 7

Supporting your team – including facilitating media interviews and managing responses as well as managing the events themselves on the day.

Step 8

Capturing valuable data and evidence for reporting purposes.

Step 9

Development of a full Statement of Community Involvement and associated communications.

Engagement for everyone

True engagement is inclusive and provides equal opportunity for everyone to be involved in decision-making. Diverse public feedback and a full range of perspectives ensures the entire community takes ownership.

We are proud to consider everyone as part of our engagement strategies.

Customisable community engagement platform

Our bespoke consultation platform is a dedicated site built on WordPress for easy content management. It simplifies the process of sharing opinions on your proposals.

The platform includes all the survey tools you’d expect, customisable to suit your specific needs. It offers features such as zooming in on details, data analysis for engagement reports and SCIs, content hosting, FAQs, video presentations, CGI visuals, and interactive digital surveys and maps, providing the information needed to measure the outcomes of your engagement events. 

Working together

Our approach is always strategic and collaborative. While our team has unrivalled knowledge of what makes places work, we continually work with external agencies and organisations to find the best route to success for our clients and have a string of existing relationships to employ on behalf of our partners.

Speak to the experts

We prefer to tailor our approach specifically for you. Let’s discuss a collaborative partnership and how we can achieve the best outcomes together.

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