PBLite: an in-depth look under the hood

Published by Andy Holmes  on 24th July 2019

Looking around the web, it’s interesting to still see the vast amounts of websites that are still unresponsive, intrusive and inaccessible.

Last year, we introduced PB Lite to the market. We felt we needed to make professional bespoke websites, affordable. But not only that, these websites had to work. There have been a number of areas that we have been developing for our PB Lite websites, some of which are:

  •      Scalability
  •      Accessibility
  •      Performance
  •      Maintainability

The scalability of a website is crucial to the success of any website. With this in mind, every PB Lite website is designed and developed making sure they are viewable on modern internet-enabled devices.

building responsive websites

Accessibility plays a large role in modern website design and development. As of 23rd September 2019, all new public sector facing websites will have to adhere to the WCAG 2.1 AA web accessibility standards. We feel that websites must meet this as to not discriminate against any user who wishes to view the website. These accessibility standards will become mandatory for private sector businesses in the future. We have a further in-depth look at accessibility in an upcoming blog, so stay tuned!

Website Accessibility Services by Pillory Barn

Today, you have as little as seven seconds in to make a good impression on a user coming to your website. The design and content will be key, but the speed at which the website loads, will be a huge factor as to whether a user is likely to stay on a website. We have collated an in-house checklist that we run through so websites are made as fast as possible and then test them using tools such as GTMetrix, Web Page Test and Pingdom.

Website PErformance

It’s key to have a website that is easy to use, which is why we chose WordPress as our Content Management System. We are confident that the administrator will be comfortable making updates to the website, without having to ask for outside help. Making and formatting pages, updating imagery and controlling menus are simple to implement and after a minimal amount of training, you’ll have full control over maintaining your own website.

Wordpress Pillory Barn

There are other points that we take into consideration when creating any website, whether this is through search engine optimisation (SEO) or aftercare support. Once a website goes live, we make sure that the website is search engine accessible and will use Google Analytics for in-depth analysis of website traffic.

If you feel that PB Lite could be the solution for you and your business, take a look at the PB Lite website or feel free to contact us on 01622 684 407.