Services: Brand, Design, Event & Video

Informing effective internal communications

The NHS Property Services manages property for the NHS, and we’ve been privileged for the past few years to work with them on a range of projects, from brand and digital design to animations, print and events. We were given the opportunity to be involved in their internal communications design from the project’s inception, creating the brand styling in its entirety from campaign design, colour scheme and brand guidelines through to office signage, HR materials and even branded merchandise.

The core brand values span the organisation, so our work is now fully embedded in their staff culture around the UK. We created specific creative campaigns around HR support and staff surveys and created a series of engaging campaigns with the help of internal stakeholders to encourage staff to speak up and get involved.

NHS Property Services Lanyard designed by Pillory Barn
NHS Property Services Folder designed by Pillory Barn
“We have worked with Pillory Barn on a diverse range of projects from our internal engagement, digital animations and comms collateral through to event support and merchandising. The quality is always of the highest standard and the team are both friendly and professional.”

Amy Williams | Head of Marketing, NHSPS

NHS Property Services Banners designed by Pillory Barn

Every year we support the NHS Public Services annual conference, from designing, producing and building a stage set to providing digital presentations and animations. Every year brings new challenges and opportunities, and 2019 saw us design and built a 10 metre timelines wall with built-in screen, to present Innovation in the NHS over the past 70 years.

NHS Property Services Conference staged by Pillory Barn
NHS Property services merchandise designed by Pillory Barn
NHS Property Service merchandise designed by Pillory Barn
NHS Property Services conference staged by Pillory Barn
NHS Property Services brochure designed by Pillory Barn

In 2018 we were asked to design and illustrate a journey map, to show visually how the NHS Public Services has grown since 1948, and how it is continuing to evolve. This was presented both as digital art and as a floor installation for induction training sessions, allowing staff to visualise the organisation’s journey in a new way. We can’t wait to see where the brand will go next.

NHS property services illustration by Pillory Barn