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#RaiseABrow with KCC and Pillory Barn

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First some facts, did you know?

  • Scams are fraud and therefore a crime.
  • It is estimated that in 2017 over £12 million was lost to scammers in Kent.
  • In April 2017 Kent residents lost over £470,000 to investment and pension scam and the Public Protection team received over 226 reports on Cybercrime alone with an estimated £1.1 million pounds being lost.

No…neither did we until we started working with the KCC Public Protection team to develop a digital campaign to help raise awareness of the multitude of different scams out there and educate the residents of Kent on what to do if they are faced with anything suspicious.

The #RaiseABrow online campaign launches today and we hope that our eye-catching, pop-art, cartoon inspired creative will help us to capture the attention of the residents of Kent and help to empower them to act if they are approached by a scam.

The message is simple: “When in doubt, raise a brow.”

We want anyone who is asked for their personal details, money or access to their devices to pause and think before they hand it over. It might be completely legit, but if our browraising efforts does anything, it’s to question more.

As importantly, we want to raise awareness that anyone could be a victim, you, me, your neighbour, child or parent and spreading this message will save them from going through the distress of being scammed and stay one step ahead of the scammers too.

At PB we are going to be supporting this campaign and helping to spread the word by sharing our #RaiseABrow moments, so stay tuned!

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