By Mike /19.09.2017 / Tech Talk
Tech Talk with Matt Parkinson – VooServers

We’re lucky to work with a number of clients who are working in the white heat of 21st Century technology – from manufacturers of life-saving medical devices and science parks carrying our amazing research to firms linking the world through the Cloud.

In this first edition of Tech Talk, we’ve asked Matt Parkinson, Technical Director with VooServers for his view on technology and his tips on helping businesses to standout in the digital world.

Tech Talk: Even today we come across companies who see I.T. as a secondary business requirement, not taking security seriously.

What are the tech changes that you see as shaping the future of business for Vooservers and for businesses in Kent more generally?

MP: Information security is a huge subject at the moment with more and more data being pushed online and the number of high profile security incidents on the increase.

With GDPR also coming in next year companies are going to have to take the data they store much more seriously and for many we see that they will require much more specialist I.T. providers such as VooServers who understand data security requirements and can create custom solutions specific to their data requirements.

There is a phrase in our industry which says “There are 2 types of companies as far as information security is concerned. Those that know they have had a data breach and those that don’t”.

This is only going to become more true as data is required to become more accessible both for the individual and the business holding it and VooServers are taking it with the upmost importance having recently achieve our ISO27001:2013 certification which demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement of information security and pushing new boundaries to keep data secure.

What do businesses need to do increasingly to make themselves stand out in a digital world?

MP: Simply, meet people’s specific needs. In a world where so much information is available online I see that the traditional sales process has very much changed.

People no longer need to be sold to as they have 80% made their mind up before they even contact you. Provide people with the information they need to choose you as a supplier, keep it short and to the point.

In a world of automation and big data there is no reason why you can’t meet each and every individuals needs no matter how big or small a prospect they are which is something that has only become achievable in recent years.

In the past you had to score your prospects and concentrate your time on pleasing the most lucrative however now there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to improve the performance of aspects of your job that allow you to concentrate on pleasing every customer or proposect.

What are the common myths and misconceptions or pitfalls companies fall into when setting up a new website or promoting themselves online?

MP: Most companies we see expect to get a website designed, publish it and for it to work on its own.

Companies often see a website as a one off expense however for most it needs to be considered your shop front and something you need to put money into maintaining and promoting every month.

Most companies will have been through a search for a commercial premises and will have noticed that a premise with passing trade is considerably more expensive than one without.

This doesn’t meant that you should be saving that money but putting it into your online presence instead as if you don’t need a physical shopfront then you certainly should have one online.

In what ways are tech developments such as big data influencing how business is done in 2017?

MP: Most companies these days have a lot of data however the ones that create the highest profits are the ones who use that data effectively.

Big data is a fantastic subject but unless you are using it to achieve business value then it’s just a bunch of meaningless statistics that pose an insight as to how the business operates but the real value in that data is not derived from it.

The most important data driver I see is monitoring how your employees work. What do they spend a lot of time on, what repetitive tasks do they do, are they working extra hours to meet suppliers/clients demands? If we can gather that data and use it to automate processes not only to deliver our clients a better service but to enhance the work/life balance of our employees then everyone wins.

What does the future hold and what place will Vooservers play in that future?

MP: Data warehousing is on the increase as is the demand for data security and whilst cloud providers such as AWS and Azure at growing at an alarming rate we see that as companies adopt the cloud they will start to develop more specific requirements and that’s where VooServers fills the gap with custom cloud solutions.

VooServers is a very adaptive company that understands the specific I.T. needs of each company that it works with offering a range of on-premises, hybrid and cloud solutions to fit each and every customers precise requirements which is something the big tech companies are not able to do unless you are prepared to spend tens of thousands of pounds per month.

Is there anything connected you’d like to say?

MP: Even in the current age we still come across companies that see I.T. as a secondary business requirement or that don’t take information security seriously.

No matter how small your company is unless you treat I.T. as a primary requirement on a level playing field with HR and Accounting you will eventually fail no matter how much success you may have had. I.T. is a profit driver but some companies still see it as a cost and it’s our job to help them achieve higher value than expenditure from their I.T. requirements so that it can become a primary requirement to their business.

Some companies we work with can’t even start to imagine what is possible and what can be done and with the proper I.T. solutions from the proper provider such as VooServers who constantly push boundaries the sky is the limit.