Welcome to Team PB, Nicole!

Published by Coralie Pilte  on 5th June 2020

Nicole Moor Client Account Lead at Pillory Barn

A keen baker and fan of interior design, new Client Account Lead Nicole brings a wealth of experience in leisure, tourism and hospitality PR to the PB team.


What’s your favourite read? 

One of my favourite reads is anything and everything on bonappetit.com. From delicious salads, summer cocktails, advice on mental health, relaxation tips and the ever-popular gourmet makes, Bon Appétit has a great range of recipes and articles not just for the self-proclaimed next Gordon Ramsey, but for those home chefs simply experimenting and enjoying.


Who would be your dream client? 

The St Regis, Mandarin Oriental, Six Senses, Four Seasons… the list goes on. I am a lover of luxury hotels and travel brands namely those that promote wellness, mental health and have world-class innovative facilities.


What’s your favourite brand and why? 

That’s a good question. Most recently I’ve admired Voss Water and its charitable activities, including the ongoing dedication to funding communities with access to safe clean water, as well as sanitation and hygiene facilities. The brand is also very quick in responding to global crises and offers support to areas which are most in need, something I find very admirable.  


If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have? 

I think having under water control would be very fun: being able to breathe underwater or swim extremely fast… I’d finally be able to find Nemo or the lost city of Atlantis!


Where is your favourite place in the world? 

There could never be just one place for me. I love everything to do with Greece, and a dream of mine is to visit as many Greek Islands as possible. The Plaça Reial in Barcelona and Trevi Fountain in Rome are always on the re-visit list.  

In the UK, North Yorkshire is a home-from-home for me. Spending many years travelling to the beautiful Scarborough coast to visit family will always be one of my most treasured places in the world.


Favourite social media channel? 

I could spend hours deep diving into Instagram finding aesthetically pleasing accounts filled with recipes, interior design and travel photography. I also find Instagram to be a great tool for brands as any size business can thrive through becoming more relatable and engage with their audiences on a direct level.  


What’s your social media bugbear? 

I am not sure why this irritates me, however when people post on their Instagram Stories that they have uploaded a new post on their Instagram Feed with a GIF covering the content, for some strange reason does not tick my boxes. I can’t explain why.


What do you get up to in your spare time? 

In my spare time I’m either baking or cooking something delicious if I do say so myself. Some nights I will look at very expensive real estate for design ideas whilst hunting for my dream acre filled property. I also love spending time with friends and family whether that be over dinner or cocktails in Covent Garden. Most importantly, I spend my time trying to convince my partner that we NEED a puppy… so far no luck but keep them crossed for me!


If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? 

I would put the money in a high interest bond… just kidding. I’d most likely go on tropical holiday (somewhere very hot) with my friends and family. I’d also donate a large chunk to charities which support children with severely profound complex disabilities – following many years volunteering and working with such children, these charities and causes are very important to me.


What object could you not live without? 

This isn’t an object, however I wouldn’t and couldn’t live without my many Spotify playlists. No matter my mood there is always something to listen too, it could be Kanye on a Friday afternoon or Gregory Porter on a Tuesday night preparing dinner with a glass of wine.   


Sum yourself up in three words 

Positive, outgoing, ambitious.


Do you have a favourite motto? 

‘Il dolce far niente; the sweetness of doing nothing’ 

You would rarely find me doing nothing however this motto helps me remember to slow down, reflect and simply enjoy life in the moment. Those of you who have read, or watched, Eat Pray Love, will certainly recognise this one. Perhaps a reason why I am so fond of this motto is because I’d love to travel to Italy and Thailand for a few months to truly immerse in their cultures, namely eating Italian and Thai food all day. NOM!  


What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on before? 

So far in my career I’ve been fortunate to work on many exciting projects for amazing brands, one being a UK hotel group which completely rebranded and positioned itself as a leading hotel collection. I was fortunate to support marketing, PR and the events side of the rebrand, and really get my hands dirty to make a positive impact which was fantastic.