#WFH Series – A day at home with Coralie

Published by Coralie Pilte  on 12th June 2020

Since March 19, the whole of Team PB has vacated our Maidstone Studios office to work from home. Every team member has put new routines in place and found new ways to be productive when working from home.  

We thought we’d give you an insight into our daily routines, starting with Team PB’s Digital Services Lead, Coralie 

Watch the video now: 


Working from home has its perks, and one of the big ones for me is that I can drink my looseleaf teas all day long, starting with a warming chai to kick of the day. The first things I take care of after setting up my portable office in the living room and saying hello to the team on Teams is check my to-do for the day. 

There’s not one similar day at PB, so it’s important that I check the day’s priorities and see if anything urgent has popped in my inbox overnight. Once this is done, I carry out all social media checks for our clients. We manage quite a few social media accounts for a variety of clients, so this usually takes a bit of time: I go from channel to channel to check any unanswered messages or other engagements, as well as monitor news and other accounts for content to share on each channel. 

After this, the day can properly start. From drafting and scheduling social media content for the week ahead, to writing blogs or website pages for Pillory Barn and our clients, I work alongside the rest of the content team to ensure everything we create is optimised for social media or SEO.  On this particular Friday, I also had to set up a few giveaways on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – a great way to boost your number of followers and increase engagement  – as well as launch LinkedIn campaigns for some of our B2B clients.  

Another key part of my job is reporting on digital results and I am often known to go into my bubble whenever I need to work on Analytics reports. Luckily, as I’m working from home at the minute, I’m always in my “bubble”.  

Work From Home

In between tasks, there will be catch ups with the team. Microsoft Teams has become our go-to to stay in touch and stay social and. I’ve also become known the GIF queen whilst working from home to bring some fun into the conversations! And to be honest, it’s quite a rewarding feeling when you find that one perfect GIF isn’t it? On this Friday, Emily and I had planned to catch up on the different clients we work on together, including AshfordFor and GRE AssetsIt’s a good opportunity for us to check where the other one is at on the activity grid and see if one of us needs more support.  

And because it’s Friday, we finish at 4pm, one of the great perks of working at PB, which gives us a bit more time to enjoy the weekend! 

Let's Zoom

Looking back at the video, and my #WFH routine, I realise how well I’ve coped with the situation and how putting some rituals in place has helped staying focused and productive. And, as we start discussing how we can all return to the office, I can say I will miss the quiet of my home – and not being stuck on the M20 in the morning – yet I’m excited to listen to Diane’s eclectic choice of music again, catch up with the rest of the team, meet our newest colleague face-to-face and get some normalcy back into my life!