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Chartway Partnerships Group is a South East England housebuilder specialising in the development of new homes and communities in partnership with housing associations, land owners and fund managers.The challenge was how to take eight diverse but related businesses and create a new brand identity for one shared vision.

At the time there was a single corporate brand with multiple sub brands that all carried their own identity. This were born from past heritage and ownership. We were commissioned to help restructure and refresh the corporate brand as well as create a more unified brand family that more closely aligned with their core vision.

As part of our brand process, we conducted market research and an in-depth and detailed vision and values project. This brought together key leaders within the group to help inform and build the new brand direction. This session included activities designed to draw out key information and sentiments around leadership, culture, company values and brand vision. Our design team used these findings to make informed decisions on brand messaging, look and feel, tone, colour and brand personality.

We developed a more cohesive and consistent application of identity across the core business and services (construction, building supplies, civil engineering, partnerships, living, letting and private sale). This included a bright and modern palette that complemented the existing corporate colours and introduced a new modern font paired with the existing one.

A set of custom line-style illustrations were drawn to support messaging around homes and people. These were used in various ways to promote company values and support internal communications with teams working across the business.

Homes for everyone

With the new look created, our design and content teams created a comprehensive brand book and a range of brand assets including brochures, hoarding designs, public consultation materials – including information boards and digital feedback portals plus office signage, an equality, diversity and inclusion campaign and even a branded bee-hive! 

New websites were designed and developed across the Chartway Partnerships Group. These were custom designed and built to specification using WordPress. All followed a strict process of research and user experience planning, design concepts and user flows, final page designs and layout, custom development, content population and extensive testing. Content, structure and SEO are due to be reviewed and refreshed in 2024.

All this combined activity, in collaboration with their internal marketing teams, contributes to building positive associations for their brand with both internal and external audiences. Chartway Partnerships Group are seen a trusted, open and honest organisation that is committed to their communities and providing quality homes for them.  Their brand has proved a vital part of re-inforcing the message.

Pillory Barn has been retained to support Chartway Partnerships Group with the company recognising our expertise and commitment to effectively communicating how they provide their services to clients across the business. 

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