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Engaging with the UK's next talented generation

It was late Winter but for this project we were already dreaming of September. EKC Group had challenged us to come up with an impactful social media led campaign that would encourage more young people to think college for their future.

We had a clear brief, but needed the collective brainpower of all elements of the team to come up with an ideas that would showcase the kind of courses and lifestyle colleges bring, boost attendance at open days and encourage potential students to apply.

The resulting campaigns ‘Future Sorted Summer Started’ become the key tagline for the Easter campaign and Time to Own It for the end-of-summer campaign. It was important that the graphics and videos our designers created treated the 16-18-year-old target audience as adults and followed strict EKC Group guidelines to the letter.

Alongside our creative work, we launched an organic and paid-for social media campaign across all college channels. It was important that all content reflected the tone of voice of the colleges, while appealing to the target audience. With strong engagement and applications high across the EKC Group estate, both campaigns achieved their objectives.

To further drive college applications, we negotiated an advertising campaign with KM Media Group, including print, KMFM airtime, extended reach and YouTube. We provided the content for the all platforms, including radio script and designing creative assets. We also did community outreach to reach potential students or family members, including college recruitment posters at Ashford Picturehouse and several local libraries.

EKC Group Student Recruitment Campaign Website Banner
EKC Group Student Recruitment Campaign Advert
2,039 social media clicks
4,432 website sessions from Google Ads
41.89% view rate on KM YouTube advertising campaign
EKC Group Student Recruitment Campaign Future Sorted Summer Started

These projects had a quick turnaround time, but through the regular evaluation of results and weekly reports to the client, we are proud to have secured some fantastic results. The student recruitment campaigns are representative of the wider relationship we have built with EKC Group, having also worked with them to deliver the East Kent Apprenticeship Awards.

EKC Group Student Recruitment Campaign
EKC Group Student Recruitment Campaign