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Promoting UK-EU Tourism with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

Did you know that over 80 million vehicles have boarded Eurotunnel Le Shuttle since it opened over 25 years ago? From tourists to freight, Eurotunnel represents a vital link between the UK and Europe. We’re proud to have worked closely with their sales and marketing teams for a number of years, creating content that inspires both British and French audiences to book tickets and travel across the Channel.

Delivering assets such as the Pets and Frequent Traveller newsletters has allowed us to unleash our copywriting finesse, working to a brief, reviewing past campaigns and finding clever puns and engaging stories that ensure the highest open and booking rates every time. We take great pride in knowing that our quarterly newsletters have inspired some of the two million pet owners that have used Eurotunnel services since 2001!

40.8% open rates for Pets newsletters in 2019
106 pieces written in French since 2018
2m pets travelling with Eurotunnel since 2011
Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Pets Newsletter

Our team also boasts a native French speaker, who has impressed Eurotunnel with her engaging tone of voice. Since 2018, we have created hundreds of pieces of content in French, from monthly blogs and travel newsletters, to website pages and video translations and have become the guardians of their French tone of voice. Ooh la la.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Frequent Traveller Flyer
Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Management Forum 2019
Eurotunnel Le Shuttle World Duty Free Advert
Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Coach Advert
Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Email Design

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