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Kent Fire and Rescue

In 2020 we worked closing with KFRS Communication team to deliver a new brand personality with a more relevant customer inclusive story and strapline. From stakeholder engagement, through to brand messaging, visual style and digital brand book.

In January and February 2020 4 stakeholder focus groups took place which brought together a selection of invited Kent Fire and Rescue Service stakeholders to complete a series of activities and discussions. From frontline staff to the senior management team. These sessions sought to inform a new, enduring brand style and personality that comprehensively took into account all areas of the business. These themes encompassed not only the current long standing strengths of Kent Fire and Rescue Service but also the aspirations to deliver a fresh unified voice and personality.

The ideas of collaboration, inclusivity and the championing of social responsibility were threads that ran through all of the stakeholder sessions. These brand pillars were a guide to how KFRS communicate, behave and present themselves. A new strapline emerged. Every one of us helps to save lives. We are one team. Together, we are Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

Working closely with the KFRS communications team we developed a refreshed design style that represented their visual identity. The logo remained unchanged. The core elements of strapline, colours, imagery, fonts and a new bold graphic style were developed. Historically red was their primary colour and linked to the colour of their vehicles. We introduced a dark blue when represented the colour of their uniform. Together these core colours create an instant recognition when communicating the brand with our colours. The new brand style and message was rolled out across printed material (letterheads, leaflets, documents, internal communications), digital (social media, online presence, intranet) and signage and livery. All this came together in one new brand book. A great asset.

Developing a unified tone of voice for KFRS was important to this project. The tone of voice allowed KFRS to consistently express its brand personality (that came from the results of the stakeholder sessions). Note – they didn’t have a tone of voice document before, the process was very much about getting this down on paper so that the whole services was on the same page – communicating the same messages internally and externally. Worked heavily with their comms team on this area.

Following the completion of the brand work we continued our work with KFRS to design and build an online brand portal. Starting with a UX session with key stakeholders, through design, build and testing. We believe this digital brand book is unique to Fire Services/public sectors.

To launch the new brand we worked with the comms team to create a short video to communicate the new brand message. This was presented to nearly 1,000 members by their communications team and very well received.

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